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Martensstraße 1
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Map by OpenStreetMap

Institute Institute of Physiology 1    Bahnhof Main station

By car via highway A73:

Coming from Nuernberg (A3), driving direction to Bamberg:
Take exit Erlangen-Centrum, turn right at the first traffic light. Stay on the W.v.Siemens-street up to the second traffic light. Turn into the Schuhstraße. Keep straigth on until you end up at the Universitaetsstrasse. Turn right and after 50m you will find the Institute on the left side.

Coming from Bamberg (A3), driving direction to Nuernberg:
Take exit Erlangen-Centrum. Stay on the W.v.Siemens-street up to the third traffic light. Turn into the Schuhstraße. Keep straigth on until you end up at the Universitaetsstrasse. Turn right and after 50m you will find the Institute on the left side.

By train:
It is easy to walk from the main station to the institute. It will take about 10 minutes (distance: 500 m). Take the main exit of the station and head straight for the Richard-Wagner-Street which is left hand on the other side of the place. Keep straight on, pass the Hugenotten place and you will reach the Universitaetsstraße. In this street you will find the institute on the left (see map above).
For more information about traveling by train visit the pages of German railway (Deutsche Bahn).

By plane:
Usually you will arrive at the airport Nuremberg (NUE). Best would be to take a taxi which is about 30 €. Otherwise take the subway (U-Bahn) U2 which directly goes to the main station of Nuremberg. From there trains to Erlangen leave every 20 to 30 minutes.
Find more informations at the website of the Nuremberg airport.

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